WINNER UPDATE: Mary Debski of Jerome won the $500 certificate to Wendell Tire Point S with her great story of how she would drive her dad crazy.

When we were traveling I would ask to go to the bathroom every time we left a gas station.

Dad's are a special breed of serious and silly. They demand respect from their kids but are also often the ones getting into trouble right along with their offspring. As kids it is our duty to mostly respect our dad...and also to mess with him to the point of a psychological break.

I remember a long road trip we took and I was in charge of the video camera for a good portion of the vacation. I thought it would be funny to say 'look, a moose' whenever my dad was in the video. He didn't know that until we got home and recapped the videos. I honestly thought he was going to make us all go back on vacation or make fake videos to replace the ones I had taken, and apparently ruined with my narration.

What is the best/worst thing you have done to drive your dad crazy? Let us know below and you could win $500 from Wendell Tire Point S for your dad and then he can drive wherever he wants. Maybe without you this time though. If a picture or story is too much work for you just let us know your dad's name and we'll get you entered that way too.