There are an estimated 500 moose in the South Hills and I haven’t seen even one.  A few days ago, I was up early.  I’ve been told if you want to observe moose, sunrise is a good time.  Driving the high country in the dark is an experience but I can’t say I was worried about hitting something at 35 miles per hour.  Interstate at 80 MPH is another matter! 

Then a pickup truck passed, and in the distance, I could hear all-terrain vehicles.  At that point, I decided to go home.

I found a ridgeline and parked just as the sun began to emerge.  Below there was a series of ponds and swamps.  And I waited.  For well over an hour.  Three deer dipped their mouths in the water and then they walked back into the wood line.

It was cold.  When I left Twin Falls, the temperature gauge on my dashboard registered 47 degrees.  Near Rock Creek, it shot up to 60 degrees but as soon as I started getting some elevation it dropped by 22 degrees. 

Standing in the cold, camera in hand, I was suddenly startled by some noise from behind.  I wheeled around and saw a rustic-looking man.  He was walking a poodle!  “Good morning,” he cheerily offered in greeting.  I said hello.  Then a pickup truck passed, and in the distance, I could hear all-terrain vehicles.  At that point, I decided to go home.  

I won’t call it a complete waste of time. 

There was still a lot of color on the trees and the rising sun illuminated the rock formations.  I came home with nearly 100 fresh pictures. 

At the Rock Creek store, a clerk told me I looked familiar.  I get that from time to time despite working in a medium where I’m rarely seen.  Then she asked me if I was a state auditor!  No, on that day simply an auditor of nature and not very successful.  

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