Idaho is beautiful, we know that. The rest of the world may be unaware of just how amazing this state is, but there are some movie directors who do know and choose Idaho over any other state. Other times in movies and TV they may not actually shoot the footage in Idaho, but they say it happens here in the show. That’s what happened recently on a new Netflix series.

Idaho Featured in New Episode of Netflix Series The Imperfects

The Imperfects is a popular new series on Netflix about people who are given synthetic DNA modifications, giving them each unique superpowers. In the 8th episode of the first season, titled ‘The Devil You Know’, the main cast of gifted people are looking for some technology to help them be cured from their powers and the one person with the right nanobot tech is revealed to be here in Idaho. One of the characters says ‘And she lives in Flat Creek, Idaho. We’ll be back in a day.’ The rest of the series takes place close to Idaho so them being back in a day makes sense, but it also felt like they said that last line because they didn’t want to stay in Idaho.

New Episode of Popular Netflix Series is Set in Idaho

A good portion of that episode is set in Idaho, but not everything you see on film is real. The show information on IMDB says the show is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every episode is labeled that way, so either it’s generic and they may have traveled to Idaho for the filming or they just went to a beautiful remote area of BC to get the footage.

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Has anyone been to Flat Creek, Idaho, and is able to recognize any of the scenery or locations from the show? You can see the clip in the bottom corner of this review video starting around the 2:30 mark. The house has an address of 26364 but it doesn't have a street name and I couldn't find it on Google.

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