The makers of Monopoly have been going off the deep end lately with their game. There are actually dozens of different version listed online. Some of the new versions are actually really cool and add a nice twist to the original. Monopoly Empire is a nice way to play a quick game of Monopoly with games lasting between 15 and 25 minutes. One of my favorite new editions is Monopoly Gamer, and not just because you get to play as Super Mario characters. The game adds in a fun new way to collect money and also lose money.

Monopoly Gamer N8

In the last year, Monopoly has released Monopoly for Millenials which takes seriously funny jabs at  the millenial generation. Like, the person with the most real life debt goes first and experiences are worth more than buying stuff. Monopoly Socialism is played off as a parody of the original game. In this version, players work together for the greater good (unless they can cheat to get ahead) and players earn less when they pass Go.

With the latest version, Hasbro seems to be going the opposite direction and making a version that empowers. In Ms. Monopoly, women make more money than men do. Players don't travel the board collecting or buying properties but instead invest their money in inventions created by women. In addition to the game, Hasbro is donating around $20,000 to three young women with promising invention ideas.

While the new versions of this classic game seem fun - it is hard to beat the classic original. Do you have a favorite version of Monopoly?

Twin Falls Opoly

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