With Halloween coming up this Saturday, it is crunch time for anyone wishing to pay money for someone (or something) to scare the holy bejeezus out of them. In Southern Idaho we have a variety of options to accomplish that scary feeling with haunted attractions, scary movies at home, or in some parts just walking out your door can be a pretty scary situation. But, I think we are missing a really good spooky option during this pandemic. A haunted car wash would be the perfect attraction this year for social distancing, plus we have quite a few car wash locations around Twin Falls.

The haunted car wash idea was something I came across in a story from Kentucky, where they came up with the idea to celebrate Halloween and keep the social distancing rules of the state. The Hypershine Car Wash has become a 'tunnel of terror' for the season. Visitors can get their car washed, while costumed workers try to scare them, all while in the protection of their own vehicle. The car wash is even using the stunt to gather food for their local food bank.

Twin Falls has a number of car wash location that could possibly pull this off. The Rocket Express, Tommy's Express Car Wash, and Epic Shine are long tunnels that could be perfect for the idea. Other smaller car washes like Magic Car Wash, could pull it off too with costumed employees and decorations. You could even just have the employees who pre-wash your windows dress up.

Until we get a haunted car wash, there are a lot of haunted options around Twin Falls including: The Haunted Mansions of Albion, The Haunted Swamp, Tubbs Berry Farm, and The Magic Valley Corn Maze.

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