There are times in life when you are searching through Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or browsing the internet and come across a video that you can't help but share and watch over and over. Living in Idaho we see odd videos of things recorded here all the time, and often think, 'this is the most Idaho thing there is.' Sometimes you will come across a video where you think that and wonder how it wasn't recorded here, and I happened to come across a video like that. This event needs to be a weekend event in Twin Falls or needs to happen at the Twin Falls Fair yearly.

Bubble Bull Soccer is Amazing

In the video, above they combine Knockerball with bulls, and it might be the greatest thing I have ever seen. I would be terrified to try this, but seeing this in person would be pure entertainment. As you can see in the video, people are getting flipped, knocked around, their balls popped, and the crowd seems to be enjoying it. There is money to be won by participating, but is it worth it? This seems like an event that would happen weekly in Twin Falls, or monthly and would be sure to draw a crowd. While nobody seems to be severely hurt in the video, there is still a very high risk and danger level by doing this.

Would You Do Bubble Bull Soccer?

If this event came to Twin Falls and was open to the public, would you participate? Twin is home to some of the toughest and best cowboys and cowgirls out there, but putting yourself in a ball, and asking to be hit by a bull is a little different than your typical rodeo. You are protected by a big ball, but as the video shows, they pop often and easily from the bulls, as well as falling from some of those distances can hurt, or your legs could get stomped on. How these videos were not filmed here is by me. I am sure something like this has taken place in the area before, but it needs to be more consistent. There are enough rodeos in the area, that this should be happening at each one for a bit, or even potentially becoming its own special event.

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Somebody needs to get a hold of Knockerball in Twin Falls and see if they can help make Bubble Bull Soccer a reality in the area. There would have to be many waivers signed, but if people are willing to do it, then I say let them get out there and see what they are made of. You only live once, and being rammed by a bull while in a giant plastic ball seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience that some will want to experience. Let's bring Bubble Bull Soccer to Twin falls.

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