Full disclosure - I don't drink alcohol, so I have no opinion nor experience when it comes to mixed drinks. If you need a pro on Mt. Dew flavors, then I'm your man.

Drunk Idaho via versusreviews
Drunk Idaho via versusreviews

The reason I'm the one writing this story is because I saw a list and thought the drink names were funny! Who comes up with these? They tell you nothing about the drink. A Tequila Sunrise, is that Tequila and oranges? The Paloma, do they make that from the blood of a pigeon (paloma is pigeon in Spanish) mixed with a Corona? How about a Tom Collins or a Moscow Mule? I'd guess the latter is Vodka and milk?

Anyways, according to the VersusReviews website, Idaho's favorite cocktail is a Whiskey Sour. At least with that one you can guess what is in it...unless you got it from Bill Cosby. Then you have no idea what's in it :)

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