Another Halloween has come and gone, but the memories will stay with us for a long time, that is depending on what you did. This Halloween had special meaning to me because last year's celebration was tainted by the first eight months of the pandemic, and one specific local event made our family's Halloween.

A lot was going on throughout the Magic Valley this past Halloween weekend. I drove past the Twin Falls Downtown Trick or Treat event Saturday on my way back from a work engagement. The streets were beyond packed.

I spent five hours that day in the Bish's RV parking lot, at 551 Arlen Drive, taking part in their annual trick-or-treat event. This year the celebration and food drive was held in Jerome for the first time, and about 1,500 people attended. I tossed candy into sacks, pillowcases, bags, and buckets for three straight hours.

Later that day, I got a text message from a co-worker that contained the address to a home that was hosting a haunted house. My wife, son, and I jumped in the truck at about 7:30 P.M. and headed to Pahsimeroi Drive. It wound up being one of the coolest Halloween experiences of my life.

I met Mark Noorlander, who was hosting the attraction with his wife and kids, just as I walked through the "Haunted Trail" entrance. Mark grew up in Utah, and has three kids and a wife of 18 years. They constructed the attraction for Twin Falls' families to enjoy.

"We started this to make it a highlight for families," said Noorlander. "People have asked us for years if they could donate, so this year we decided to start donations for the women's shelter."

They put a lot of hours into the haunted house, and will be making it an annual event.

"It takes us most of October to set up," said Noorlander.

The haunted house features about seven or eight themed sections, and I must have screamed like a banshee on at least three occasions. My 6-year-old son and wife handled the experience with more courage than I did. I HIGHLY recommend you start adding this attraction, at 1180 Pahsimeroi Drive in Twin Falls, to your Halloween must-do list from here on out.

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