Just when you thought the challenges that kids did on the internet were not going to follow us in to 2020, there is a new one involving a penny and an electrical outlet. 
Yes, you read that right, there is a new penny outlet challenge causing damage to schools and homes. Kids are putting a charger in an outlet and dropping a penny on the prongs between the outlet and the charger, causing a spark. At least they are smart enough not to hold on to the penny when it hits the outlet and they aren't sticking a penny directly into the outlet. Obviously that would be outrageous.

Some students are using the tactic to get out of classes. Others are doing it for fame and glory on the app Tik Tok. Think of a modern age Snapchat type app. Yes, I am truly starting to see how behind the times I am with all these apps and crazy things people do on the internet.


So parents, I guess keep an eye out for this type of thing. If you randomly see char marks on your outlets then it is probably safe to say that one of your children has decided to try to become internet famous with a penny and electricity. Let's hope it doesn't turn into a school or home getting burnt down and just pops a couple of circuit breakers.

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