Word last week was that Saturday was going to be Judgement Day. The end of that world was upon us...and some people believed it.  Then Sunday came along, and we got to thinking "hey, wait a second...Sunday is after Saturday. So, that means we either got left behind in the Rapture...or it never happened and we have more time to go about our regular business."

But, according to Harold Camping (the man who guessed through mathematical genius that the end was near) it did happen. But instead of a temporal Rapture it was a spiritual Rapture and the actual destruction day is coming October 21st of this year.  So the real Judgement day has been postponed for 5 months.

And if this picture of a turtle with the Virgin Mary on his stomach (well, it may be Darth Vader) is a sign of anything Biblical, then we'll roll with it.

Ronnie Chavez

How about you - are you convinced that this guy knows what he's talking about?

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