We write about the Twin Falls Animal Shelter a lot here at the radio station. Not just because we love animals and when we write about the shelter we get to look at pictures of adorable and adoptable cats and dogs. We write about the animal shelter here in Twin Falls so much because they do so much in our community and yet are always in need of help. They often plea on their social media accounts for help with fostering kittens that are too young for their shots, for help in finding homes for the often overlooked black haired dogs, and for donations of food for the community pet food pantry.

Then, every once in while they have a different kind of animal need. A few years ago my wife was scrolling through their Facebook page and saw that they had randomly acquired a few chickens and needed them gone as soon as possible. She had contacted them within a few minutes and the chickens were quickly transported to our house by the end of the hour. Now they have posted on Facebook that they have a few rabbits and guinea pigs. Maybe your house needs a cute little fuzz ball that isn't a dog or a cat.

This isn't the first time that these kinds of animals have shown up at the shelter so if they are no longer at the shelter when you read this story, be sure to follow their Facebook page for future updates. Of course you can also check out the animals any time in person at the shelter.

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