I love the new color scheme and design for the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  Specifically, design for patrol vehicles.  The new-look was on display at the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show.  There are some great color schemes for law enforcement across Idaho.  I’ve previously written about Lincoln County, where deputies have piloted vehicles with an Oakland Raiders look.  It’s sharp.  Twin Falls County now has a more Dallas Cowboys look.  I don’t like the team but the players wear a great uniform.  It reminds me of a joke about the Cowboys when Jimmy Johnson coached the team.  If three Dallas Cowboys were riding in a car, who would be driving?  A police officer!

There are Great Looks in Southern Idaho

Jerome County has a bronze look and I enjoy the variety as I drive from county to county.

When I was a little boy, most police cars were black and white.  A handful of agencies were red and white.  Then my hometown bought a new police car when I was a first-grader (the town’s only police car at the time!)  My dad and the chief drove more than 13 hours round trip and picked it up.  It was beige.  It stayed beige even after gumball lights were attached.  Then it was followed a few years later by a robin’s egg blue.

Police Cars Come in at Least 50 Varieties

Around the very same time, many state police cars around the country adopted colors from state flags.

Every year there’s competition for the best-looking state police cars in the country.  I’ve emailed friends around the country and asked if they would vote for Idaho.  Some have but after seeing the results the last couple of years, I realize I need more friends!

If you haven’t seen the new design for Twin Falls County, do something stupid.  You’ll get to see it from the inside as well as outside.  Better yet, simply catch a look at the next parade or around town.

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