Right now in Idaho is a tough time for fans of winter. Chances are you can look out your window and there's snow on the ground. It looks like winter in Idaho, but it doesn't necessarily feel like winter since the current snow isn't any good for playing in.

No Fluffy Snow in the City

The only place you can find any fluffy snow is if you head to the ski resorts, otherwise, that pile in the corner of the parking lot or blanket of snow covering your yard is more like a sheet of ice. It doesn't take a genius to know that diving into a pile of ice is a bad idea, but if you have any inkling of curiosity, a sports fan at Albertsons Stadium recently showed us what happens when you take on a late winter pile of snow. 

DISCLAIMER: The guy probably got hurt and there is NSFW swearing at the end of the video. Watch it on mute if there are sensitive ears around.

Piles of Shoveled Snow Aren't Good For Jumping Into

In the video, you quickly see that hitting a pile of snow right now is basically the same as hitting a boulder. If you listen closely, in the video I'm pretty sure you can hear his body crunch when he hits the snow pile.

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I've watched the video multiple times, and I cringe every time he hits. I hope he was drunk at the time so it might numb the pain and also explain why he thought it was a good idea. There's barely enough snow there to jump on even if it was soft and fluffy.

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