Across the Gem State, there are dozens upon dozens of small towns. According to one list, some of them are far more charming than others. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Infotainment site “RoadSnacks” recently ranked the worst small towns in every state in the country. In Idaho, 65 cities with a population of under 5,000 were part examined for their list. How did they determine what made a small town a “good” or “bad” small town? Was it the number of restaurants in town? Did it have anything to do with the history of the town or events that took place there?  

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Not at all. RoadSnacks claims that their list was put together using straight numerical data from the FBI Crime database and American Census Bureau. The factors they included were population density, unemployment rate, housing costs, adjusted median income, education and high crime. They claim their list is unbiased and asked readers to “not shoot the messenger.”

Here’s how their list shook out. We added some more insight about the towns and tried to find some positives to living there or at least stopping through for a visit.

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