We have a cat that comes by the radio station pretty much every day and it seems like she is always pregnant! We've had discussions about whether we should catch her and get her fixed even though she isn't ours. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter recently posted on their Facebook page about the importance of getting your cats spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. The shelters get about 20 cats each day and the kennels are more than full so they posted a few videos to show these cute kitties.

The Facebook Live videos show a few of the cats in kennels and also out in the room playing. With so many cats at the shelter, if you are looking to adopt, you are sure to find the perfect little feline waiting for you.

It isn't just cats that are coming in droves to the animal shelter. There are dogs galore, dozens since the weekend, that are looking for homes too. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is constantly posting updates and pictures of the adoptable cats and dogs on their Facebook page so be sure to check there if you are searching from the comfort of your home.

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