We might need your input to make this list perfect since I asked some friends here at work about the best places to walk in Twin Falls and they responded with: The sidewalk, through the tulips, down to the beach, and in the street. I don't recommend the last one for safety reasons and the rest of the answers are not helpful. So, below you'll find a real list of some of the best places in Twin Falls to go for a walk. Obviously pretty much any park in town is a great place to go so we are going to focus on the less traveled and oft forgotten paths.

I was really wondering about this because people always talk about how they go for family walks through their neighborhood but I want to get out of the neighborhood sometimes. If you know of any other great places please leave us a comment below or through our app on your phone.

  • Downtown Twin Falls - I'll start with downtown because we all know it is there - but when is the last time you went down and walked Main Street? It is a nice walk and you can do some window or actual shopping on the way. Stop by the new splash pad and cool off for a bit. And if you haven't looked through the giant kaleidoscope it is worth a few minutes of your time.
  • The Magic Valley Mall - I've never been a mall visitor but I do understand the appeal of walking the mall. It is kind of like the downtown walk but indoors with AC and you still get to window shop and people watch.
  • Rock Creek Park Trail - Bear with me here. Rock Creek Park has a bad reputation. For years we never went there because we were told it was all hobos and drugs down there. Well, it hasn't been that way for us. We really like going into the canyon and walking the trail where the disc golf course is. An added perk is the running water of the river adds a nice ambiance to the walk.
  • The Canyon Rim To The Evel Knievel Launch Site - This is one of those walks that are great to do...but not on a blazing hot day. You can still go in the evening and not melt, but there isn't any tree cover for shade. The view of the canyon as you walk is what really makes the trail worth a few visits each year.
  • Twin Falls City Park - Again, we all know about the City Park but when was the last time you actually went there to hang out and walk? This might be one of the best places to walk because it is basically 100 percent shaded and there are quite often events happening.

That's my list. Is it perfect? Nope, but it does have a few good places to go for a walk if you need a change of scenery from walking past your neighbor's houses.

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