Whatever floats your goat I guess. An goat and his owner spend some quality time paddle boarding on the river. It is a must see to believe.

When I first saw it I was thinking, "You have goat to be kidding me" a goat that gets on a paddle board and hangs out. The owner row, row, rows the goat around as Mr. Mayhem (the goats name) goes along for the ride.

I wonder if this is something they did together as kids. This silly billy even wears goggles and enjoys other outside activities as well. Maybe, they came across this fun past time because Mr. Mayhem was always butting in and joining in the fun.

According to the video, Mr. Mayhem also enjoys hiking. You could call him a bit of a hill billy. I would love to go camping or hiking with a goat like Mr. Mayhem. Tell some goat stories around the camp fire, listen to a little Baa-ch while enjoying the outside. If that isn't your style maybe some Billy Idle.

He would be the perfect side kick, he could be your regular Billy the Kid, minus the outlaw stuff. I know, I know, all these goat puns are getting ridiculous. Something has goat to give. You may be thinking, "for goat's sake that's enough." But instead "Here I goat again." Come on, they aren't that baaad.

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