I'm not anyone to give advice on exercise. I have a stockpile of Mt. Dew and a drawer at my desk dedicated to my candy stash. Lucky for me I still have a metabolism and people assume I'm in shape because I'm not overweight. Well, I'm not in shape unless lazy is a shape, then I'm that. My wife is a better example of health. She eats vegetables and works out at home at least five times a week. Prior to the pandemic she would go to the gym but once that wasn't allowed, our garage became a home gym and that's her favorite place now. If you are a gym rat or you made a New Year resolution to get fit, but the coronavirus killed your goal, you may be excited that gyms are now open around the Magic Valley. You may not be as excited to think about all the germs that are left on public gym equipment.

I used to exercise at the YMCA in Twin Falls (back when there was more than one) and I was pretty good about wiping down equipment after use. I know that others are better about it and others don't even think about it. FitRated did a study on which states have the dirtiest gyms and good news for Idaho ours are among the best in the nation. We ranked in the top 10 cleanest gyms. So, you can feel safer if you decide to head over to the CSI Student Rec Center when it opens next week.

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