Oh, Twin Falls. You never disappoint when it comes to weird stuff on the side of the roads. Did you recently lose your head? I've seen some pretty strange stuff while driving around Twin Falls, but this pictures wins them all. Really, there are two big issues with this sight on the way to South Hills Middle School. Can you see them?

Head and Sign N8 Wrong

Hopefully you could see them (since I circled them) and the head stuck to the barbed wire fence is clearly disturbing. Maybe it was put there by a farmer as part of a scarecrow? The sign on the other hand isn't as readily conspicuous. It seems like a pretty important sign. It's warning of a natural gas pipeline, but they put the thing on upside down!

Upside down sign

Is this a normal thing and there is a reason or did someone mess up and now it is being brought to our attention thanks to a post-apocalyptic looking head hanging on the fence?

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