Is anyone ever proud of how their fridge looks on the inside? For real, even when we clean our our fridge and then put the essentials back in, it still just looks like an organized mess. This may also fall into the same category as looking into the medicine cabinet when you visit a friends house - but have you ever looked in the fridge when you visit somebody? It will either make you feel really good about yourself or ashamed.

About a week ago my sister came over and commented on the fact that we had a lot of pickle jars in our fridge. We hadn't even realized it but we really did have a lot of pickle jars in there and some of them were just empty!

Good news is that after my wife pulled out all 14 of the pickle jars, we had an entire empty shelf of storage. We also found a jar of pickle relish so technically we had 15 pickle jars in there!

I have been monitoring our fridge here at work for a few months now and it happens here too. Stuff just gets forgotten and then left until someone decides it is time to clean. These cans of soda (not the Mt. Dew, those are mine) have been in this drawer since last summer. By the way, National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is coming up November 15th if you can wait that long.


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