Today is my youngest daughter's birthday and like all things in 2020, it's going to be weird. She can't invite all of her friends over because of the pandemic so the party will be our family and the cousins. The other weird part will be the theme of her party: potatoes.

While it seems like a very Idaho thing to have a potato party, the real reason is that she loves french fries. So, for the party we are cooking up all the different kids of fries we could find at Swensen's. Curly, steak, waffle, thin, and seasoned we've got them all. We could have gone to all the fast food restaurants in Twin to get a variety, but in the words of Sweet Brown, 'ain't nobody got time for dat'.

Now before you get too invested in how we are going to a do a party with just potatoes - we aren't. It will actually be a slime/horse/potato party. Not only does my daughter love slime (literally she plays with slime every day) but she loves horses too. One of the main ingredients to make slime is glue. When we told her that glue is made from horse hooves it was a match made in heaven. Yes, the glue we use today is synthetic and not actually from animal parts but I'm not going to ruin it for my kid. If you don't know what slime is, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube.

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