There is a saying that a person should 'work smarter not harder' and I believe that is why Idaho didn't rank as high on this list as I would have expected. I think of Idaho as a state full of hard workers. Between the commercial businesses and the many fabrication plants there are numerous people working long hours to get their job done. There always seems to be construction going on and that is hard work. Plus, if you count all the farmers who toil in the sun tending their fields I think you'd be hard pressed to find a harder working group of people. Maybe that is where the 'smarter not harder' saying comes into the equation? A lot of Idaho farmers and businesses have grasped onto technology that makes their jobs more efficient and even a little more easy. That can be the only explanation for us not ranking in the top 10 hardest working states.

Source: WalletHub

Under the methodology of the WalletHub study, Idaho comes in 25th in the nation. Right in the middle of the pack of hard working and barely working. Their study included factors that directly and indirectly affect work. Unemployment rate, hours worked per week, and volunteer hours were pretty big, and expected, factors in the study but the other factors like leisure time each day and idle youth are probably what got us. Darn kids sitting in front of the TV on their video games. While it didn't get us a bump up into the top 10 on the list, Idaho did rank in the top five highest annual volunteer hours. I'll take that because that means we have good hearts and are using a lot of our spare time to help others. Good job Idaho!

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