Here in Southern Idaho, we have so many amazing and beautiful places to visit. The South Hills, Box Canyon, The Shoshone Falls, The Perrine Bridge and so much more. And, it isn't a secret. People come from all over the world to see what Idaho has to offer.

The biggest complaint I've heard from friends and family when they come to visit is that the Twin Falls (actually the Shoshone Falls but they never get that part right) aren't very spectacular. Especially if you head down now, this is what they look like. Virtually no water coming over the edge of the right side. And, just two days ago over the weekend there wasn't anything!

Shoshone Falls Video Feed
Tanya Sinkovits who had taken a really pretty picture of The Falls complete with a rainbow and everyone thought it was amazing, but it only showed a small portion of what the Shoshone Falls can do.

In September of 2011, Bob Castaneda took this picture of the Shoshone Falls in their full glory!

Shoshone Falls

That is the view people come to see! Don't you think Twin Falls needs to have an event each year where they open up the gates and let the water flow and have a big weekend party at Dierkes and the Shoshone Falls?

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