This is a weird time in my life. I have a son now in high school and he wants to learn to drive and then get a job so he can have piles of money. I'm here in the driver's seat still, telling him to stop growing up or I'll make him sit in a booster seat again. We have been looking at getting him into driver's ed and that seems to be a chore in itself. Some states allow the parent to be an instructor but it doesn't look like we have that option in Idaho. But, once he starts driving it isn't going to be all sunshine and happy roads for my son. Idaho is one of the worst states for new drivers according to a WalletHub study.

Source: WalletHub

Idaho ranks 41st on their list for a number of reasons including: number of teen related accidents and deaths, road quality (ha), availability of driver's education, cost of car care and speeding tickets, and distracted driving.

I'm already worried about letting my son get out there and drive on his own but knowing that we are a pretty bad state for teen drivers makes it even more scary! DO you think Idaho is a bad state for teen drivers? Do you think the kids or the adults are more often guilty of distracted driving?

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