Summer has only just begun and there have already been 2 children who have died in hot cars in Idaho and 16 across the United States. 2 child deaths is very high for Idaho, since 1998 there have only been 5 other child deaths in hot cars. Last year there were 39 heat stroke deaths across the nation, which is the highest since 2013 according to stats on

It is always sad when a child dies by accident, but especially so when those deaths could have been easily avoided. These kids died because they were forgotten and left in a hot car for too long. Don't assume that your kid will be fine in the car. If you look at the temperatures on the day most of the kids have died this year, only 6 of them were over 90 degrees. Last year only 2 of the 39 deaths happened on days that were over 100 degrees.

Kids and Cars has a bunch of information on what happens when a child is left in a hot car.

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