The one thing that I appreciate about Idaho is there's always some place new to discover. For me, it's the discovery of Snowslide Lake in the Sawtooths.

There's a new video about this area that has just been shared by Terran Maynard on Vimeo.

Snowslide from Terran Maynard on Vimeo.

Maybe you've been there. If so, feel free to call me stupid. That happens a lot. But, this is the one lake in the Sawtooth Mountains that I had not heard of. Even looking for it on a map is a challenge. It's located near the red marker here.

Google Maps

It looks to be approximately due east from Paradise Peak. if you're looking to go off-the-beaten-path, this seems like a pretty good option. Congratulations Snowslide. You've just been added to my "probably won't get motivated enough to go there, but should" list.