We live in a world where everything is fast. We don't like waiting for anything and if something is more than a few seconds long we move on. I think the kid who posted this YouTube video understands that. It's really short, simple, and gets to the point immediately.

Too often we jump on YouTube and we're greeted by someone who talks for minutes about what the video is going to be about or their inspiration behind it. I always skip that junk and get to the meat of the video. You don't get that here. Actually there isn't really any 'meat' either just a four second video of a kid singing about the trip he's on.

I'd like to see more short video from this kid. He can sing if he wants (does his video even count as singing?), but really I want a before video explaining why he's heading to Idaho and then a follow up video when he gets here. I'd like to know if he's excited to go to Idaho? Is he moving here, visiting a city or family, or going camping? He's singing about it in the video, but maybe he's just super bored? The scenery in the video is pretty drab (and filmed vertically, yuck) so there's a chance he's also not excited to come here and the video is sarcastic.

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Please, YouTuber Brooks Anson, give us a follow up video soon. We're losing sleep over this.

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