I'm not going to say I'm worried...but 91 earthquakes in the last week does make me tremble a bit. Get it, tremble? Too soon? I make jokes when I am scared and all these quakes so close to home makes me uneasy.

To put it into perspective and justify my fears, as of writing this, there have been 91 earthquakes near Soda Springs in the last 7 days (most of those were just over the weekend). In the entire United States there have been 166. That means there have been more earthquakes in just southern Idaho than the rest of the entire United States combined!

To add to the fear, the Idaho Statesman is reporting that we should prepare ourselves for a larger 7.0 magnitude earthquake. They say it isn't likely but we should still prepare, just in case. The largest of the earthquakes over the weekend was a 5.3 magnitude on Saturday.

FYI - since I started writing this there have been 3 more small earthquake near Soda Springs bringing the total to 94.

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