I used to really hate TikTok. I thought the short videos were pointless, dumb, and aimed at the lowest level of internet users. Now I find myself often doom-scrolling those stupid videos into the wee hours of the morning. It's almost like magic how you can start with one video at 10 PM and then all of the sudden it's 2 AM and you have to wake up in 4 hours. Speaking of magic, check out this TikTok video from a guy in Idaho who uses coins and a train to create a video where he can express his feelings about our current president.

Idaho TikTokers Coin Trick

In the video, you can see the man has placed coins on a railroad track and is waiting for the train to come and flatten them. The surprise ending is where the magic happens.

If you look at the rest of 208ba’s TikTok videos you wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that his coin trick ends in an expression of dislike towards President Biden. Even though the video may seem mean, it is pretty tame compared to most of his other videos.

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Also, in case you are wondering how the magic trick works, he explains it in one of his other videos. Be warned though: I didn’t watch any of his videos with the sound on so you will have to decide for yourself if you watch them and listen to them. This is America so you have that right to choose.

My real question is whether writing on the train tracks counts as vandalism or expression of speech?

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