The saga continues: there are too many animals at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. The dog kennels are constantly full and there is a rotating door of pictures posted on the TF Animal Shelter Facebook page. Their main picture states 'Bursting at the seams so many dogs. ADOPT'. So that's obviously an issue but there is another issue that comes around this time of year and that is the kittens.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter just posted a video of an animal carrier full of kittens, calling it 'nonsense'. And really it is. If you have a cat that you let roam the neighborhood it is up to you to get that critter spayed or neutered. When we first bought our house there were about a half a dozen cats that just roamed the neighborhood. None had tags and nobody would claim them. So over the course of the last decade we have taken them in to have them taken care of. I think last year was the first year that we didn't have a stray cat show up in our yard and decide to call it home.

Let's not forget the wise words of Bob Barker - don't forget to have you pets spayed or neutered.

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