We were curious what "Idaho" items were available on Amazon if you just typed in Idaho into the search bar. The results did NOT disappoint.

1.) Umm, we all know Idaho is really Iowa, and Iowa doesn't really exist. So why not get this shirt that gives Idaho it's true name of Iowa. It even comes in different colors and youth sizes! If this seriously isn't the most accurate shirt ever I would like to see a better one.


2.) You can get "Idaho the Movie" and if you don't get enough Idaho through that movie, they made a sequel; but let's be honest, sequels are never as good as the original.

3.) There is an Idaho: A novel. Oh no, a movie based on a book plus a sequel!

4.) The Idaho homesick candle. If you are crazy and decide to leave the state and get homesick, just light this candle and you will remember why you should have never left. What does Idaho smell like anyway? And am I only allowed to light it when I am homesick? So MANY questions!

5.) Ahh the Idaho staple. Amazon is allowing you to officially be part of the cool kids group for only $8.99 with an Idaho charm pendant necklace. You aren't officially an Idahoan until you have Idaho plastered on your car, home and clothing. You can even get it in different colors!


Pretty sure the only thing missing now is a gun, which can't be purchased through Amazon anyway. Oh well.

There are many other options if you type in Idaho in the search bar of amazon. These have to be the best ones. What is the most Idaho thing you have ever purchased?