I know we can all name a movie that was filmed in Idaho or at least set in Idaho, but can you name a TV show set in Idaho? I can't. I remember there was an episode of the old X-Files set here. But that's it.

Luckily, TV Guide knows more about TV than I do and they say that the most popular (does that mean there is more than 1?) show set in Idaho is Wayward Pines. I've heard of it but never seen an episode. The fictional town of Wayward Pines is a beautiful town where nobody can leave...and if you try, you are publicly executed. Sounds fun, right? The show ran for 2 seasons and after a 2 year hiatus was officially cancelled earlier this year. I guess that means we need to find a new favorite Idaho based TV show :/

Have you ever seen Wayward Pines? Are there other good shows based out of Idaho?

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