Advertising companies drop big money promoting products and places, but sometimes the product sells itself. I feel like that's Idaho. You don't need flashy lights and booming voices. All you need is some good footage of Southern Idaho and people will want to come visit, or like it or not, they may even want to live here. I just watched a YouTube video posted today by a couple who came here on vacation that I think is a better ad for Southern Idaho than any real ad I've ever seen.

The video is perfect. From the inspiring, yet chill music to the footage from every great place and event you can visit in Southern Idaho. This couple gets it.

Who Posted This Southern Idaho Video?

The video was posted on the Love At First Flight YouTube channel. The adorable and very photogenic couple has only posted one other video to their page, but it is also a vacation video.

You can tell by their video description that they did not expect Idaho to be as awesome as it is:

You're probably thinking, "wait, did I read that correctly? Idaho?" YES! We voluntarily traveled to #SouthIdaho and WOW, was it absolutely incredible.

We know that people will never stop coming here for vacations because there's so much to do and tourism is essential to our community. Visit Southern Idaho has put together some amazing videos also, but this couple's vacation video is the best I've seen yet.

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