Another tragic accident happened Saturday morning in Northern Idaho when a car was struck by a train, killing 3 of the occupants. The fatal accident occurred around 11:14 AM at the railroad crossing of N. Boyer Road/Selle Road in Bonner County.

Car vs Freight Train Accident Kills 3 in Northern Idaho Child Sent to Hospital

In the report from the Idaho State Police, the following information was shared:

The driver of a Subaru Forester was traveling eastbound on W. Selle Rd., from Boyer Rd. The Subaru failed to yield the right of way to a southbound freight train. The Subaru was impacted by the train, which forced the vehicle off the roadway, where it overturned.
The Subaru was occupied by a 37-year-old male driver of Sagle, ID, a 31-year-old female of Sagle, ID, and two juveniles. All occupants were wearing seatbelts. Both adults and one of the juveniles were pronounced deceased at the scene. The other juvenile was taken to a nearby hospital via ground ambulance, then transported to a Spokane hospital via Life flight. The freight train operators were not injured.

The accident is under investigation by the Idaho State Police and no further information has been shared about the condition of the surviving child.

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Credit Google Maps/Canva
Credit Google Maps/Canva

Fatal Crash in Post Falls, Idaho

Idaho State Police are also investigating an accident that happened in Post Falls on westbound Interstate 90 on Wednesday, July 12th at 11:52 AM.

Idaho State Police responded to a single-vehicle fatal crash, westbound on Interstate 90 at the Idaho Road overpass, Post Falls, Kootenai County, Idaho. A Chevrolet Aveo driven by a 58-year-old male from Post Falls, Idaho was traveling westbound when he left the roadway and collided with a concrete bridge retaining wall.
The male driver was found deceased at the scene. He was the sole occupant of the vehicle. He was not wearing a seatbelt. Next of kin has been notified.

Idaho State Police share updates and important information about vehicle accidents on Idaho highways on their blogspot.

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