Each year at Boise State University, Buster Bronco takes to the fields and courts of various sports to bring excitement to the crowds and additional fun to the games. The true identity of Buster is usually kept secret for as long as possible. The latest mascot kept the secret for the entire season and only just revealed their identity, and I’m stunned.

The secret identity of Buster Bronco was revealed on Facebook recently and it turned out to be Sierra Sandison. Sierra was able to pull off the mascot duties while keeping on top of her classwork at BSU as she studied mechanical engineering.

The Secret Identity of BSU Bronco Mascot Revealed

Possibly more impressive than keeping her identity secret, she was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s of science and minoring in computer science, biomedical engineering, and applied mathematics.

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Sierra is an inspiration to all as she has worked so hard to achieve so much while setting an example to those who have been told they can’t do something. In an Instagram post, she shares her experience doing all she has done while facing the hardships that come with having type 2 diabetes.

I had the honor of meeting Sierra in 2014 when she became Miss Idaho and helped me participate in the ice bucket challenge. Watch until the middle of the video (or skip to it) for a surprise:

If you want to be the next Buster Bronco, you can find information on how to try out on the BSU Spirit Squad page.

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