Call it somewhat of a surprise.  Janice McGeachin was an early backer of candidate Donald Trump.  Long before it looked like the real estate mogul would be the Republican nominee in 2016, she asked me why I wasn’t on board.  Her early support may have paid off with the endorsement and, yet.

Brad Little Should be Surprised

Trump gets on very well with Governor Brad Little.  The Governor visited the White House during the Trump Administration and was seated to the President’s left at a cabinet meeting.  Last week, the Governor attended a dinner at Mar-a-Lago and the President had Little stand and introduced him as a “gentleman”.

McGeachin also paid a visit last week at the President’s Florida estate.  He autographed a hat for her and she came home without a commitment.  Which left me to believe Trump wouldn’t get involved in the primary.

How McGeachin Can Capitalize

Where I believe this most benefits McGeachin is with fundraising.  She’s trailing the Governor and challenger Ed Humphreys.  Many die-hard Trump supporters are likely to open their checkbooks.

However, and I think it’s important to note, the Lt. Governor still needs to campaign and be visible.  Over the last weekend, she was quite busy campaigning in the panhandle.  It could be a sign her campaign is back on track.  Because I’m going to tell you that this observer believed her team was completely off the rails a few weeks ago and throughout much of the summer.  A campaign insider told me two weeks ago that internal problems were remedied.

Politics is a lot like sports for me.  I’m getting my popcorn and I'm going to be eagerly watching the show unfold over the next six months.

Bundy Gets a Big Endorsement

Oh, and I need to mention that Ammon Bundy snared a big-name endorsement.  Former Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul is backing Bundy.  The latter will be on my program soon.

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