Residents in Twin Falls reported on social media that an accident had happened at the waste transfer station. The reports included claims that Life Flight was at the scene after a man was injured.

There hasn’t been an official report from emergency responders or authorities yet on the accident. The information below is based on details from individuals who saw the accident or were given information.

Credit Andrew Weeks
Credit Andrew Weeks

One of the messages on social media updated their post to include the collective information from comments to determine what had happened.

  • The post claims that someone was unloading their trailer when it came loose and pinned them.
  • A piece of heavy machinery, probably a front loader, was used to lift the trailer and free the trapped man.
  • It is believed that Life Flight took the man to a hospital in Pocatello.
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Again, these are unverified claims about the accident from reports by those who were at the scene or claim to have knowledge of the incident and should be considered speculation and not facts. We will update this story if we hear anything from authorities or Southern Idaho Solid Waste.

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