If you passed on adopting Pancho from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, then you missed out on a great dog. But, it may be for the better because he is now being trained to smell out COVID-19 and help detect people who may have the virus and not know it.

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The Twin Falls Animal Shelter commented on Facebook that Pancho was at the shelter for a really long time before being picked up by a local agency to 'serve a greater purpose'. Pancho has even been featured nationally due to a piece from NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

The hope for Pancho and the other dogs being trained, is that these canines can be used for large population areas, schools, airports, and stadiums to smell out the sickness. Not all dogs get to be as famous as Pancho, but that doesn't mean they can't all make a difference in a life. There are many dogs right now at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter looking to be adopted. There are also a few dogs that have shown up recently and are waiting for their owners to come find them. One of those dogs has to be the most photogenic pup ever in his Facebook picture.

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