Even a well-oiled machine like the Twin Falls Animal Shelter has to take time off to make sure everything runs right. So, Friday morning they closed for a few hours for staff training but even thought the doors were close for a few hours the number of cats and dogs has continued to grow. If it were raining cats and dogs the cloud is right over the shelter.

On the People For Pets - Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page you can always get and updated list and pictures of the adoptable cats and dogs. You can also find other ways to help out if you can't adopt or the right pet isn't there right now. The shelter is always in need of food donations (new bags or bags you opened but aren't using), toys and blankets, money donations, and volunteers to spend time with the animals.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is also the best place to check if any of your pets ever go missing. We get a lot of wind in the Magic Valley that constantly knocks down fences and blows open gates, allowing backyard pets to escape for a few moments of freedom. Usually these animals are brought in to the shelter. If your pet is up to date with a microchip and tag information it makes it easier for the staff to find the owners of these escaped pets.

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