The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is in full cat mode: meaning they are full of cats and kitten season is here too. Since there is such an abundance of cats, the shelter is offering a spring special and all cat adoptions are just $24. All adoptable cats are spayed or neutered and have their vaccines and microchip included in the $24 adoption price.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has also seen an influx of pregnant cats and newborn kittens coming to the shelter. They are in need of homes that can foster the baby cats and bottle feed them until they are able to take better care of themselves. Fostering baby kittens is a full commitment and could take a few months and requires you to fill out an application at the shelter.

If you can't help with fostering or adoption, there are still ways you can help. The shelter needs bottles, formula, and rice socks for the kittens. They can also use donations for the other animals, and staff, if you feel the desire. If you want to help but aren't sure what they need at the shelter, you can check out their Amazon wish list to see exactly what they need.

Items currently on the wish list include: cat litter, bowls, leashes, and a stapler. Cat and dog food, toys, and blankets are also always needed for the animals at the shelter.

If buying and donating items isn't something you can do, they also need help with volunteers. To find out how you can help out at the shelter give them a call or visit in person. Details are on their Facebook page.

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