Animal shelters are usually most popular for being a shelter for cats and dogs, but every once in a while a different type of animal will show up. Right now, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter has a rabbit ready for adoption. This is actually pretty great, not everyone can have a cat or a dog (or wants one) due to housing restrictions, time constraints, or health reasons. A rabbit, or other caged animal, offers the option for animal companionship but with less need for space.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has had many types of animals over the last few years. A few years ago, we got two of our chickens from the shelter. They had randomly shown up at the shelter and we saw a post on Facebook and swooped in to give them a home with our other chickens. I've seen other chickens and roosters show up, rabbits, and I even think I remember seeing goats and a ferret at the shelter.

Since there is only one, the rabbit may be gone quickly but if you keep an eye on the Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page you may catch the next one that shows up.

If a dog or cat is more along the lines of what you you are looking for, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter has many adoptables right now.

This weekend could be a scary one for your pets so make sure to keep an eye on them during the fireworks. Also make sure their tags are on and current in case they do get lost. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter will be closed on the 4th of July.

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