People for Pets - Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared the story of this adorable dog named Legacy. Legacy thought he was going to a fun and safe home but unfortunately, the shelter found him in much worse shape than when he originally came in.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared that last July Legacy came into the shelter and was adopted. Almost exactly a year later, someone found him near the Perrine Bridge on the brink of death. This poor guy came in to the shelter last month at 21 pounds when he is supposed to be closer to 60 pounds.

Thankfully the shelter was able to help this adorable little guy. Almost a month later and he has gained 12 pounds, still not even close to enough weight but it is a start. It is my understanding that dogs can't gain weight too fast when they are in this condition because it can actually kill them.

He is back up for adoption to a home that is willing to work with him and help him gain weight and get to full health. Apparently he is great with other dogs, cats and loves children. I mean look at that face! So cute!

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter did say they were trying to find the original adopters but to no avail. After all before we judge we have no idea what the circumstances are. I am hoping that the owners didn't let this happen intentionally. Maybe Legacy got out and the owners frantically looking couldn't find him and he ended up ill. I don't know but I hope he finds a good home full of love.

If I could adopt him I would in a second. So hard to say no to that face.

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