Dick's Sporting Goods has announced that they will no longer be selling assault style guns at their stores. As you can see in the Facebook post above - they already didn't sell them in the Dick's stores, so that won't change in Twin Falls, but now they will also not sell them in their Field and Stream stores. They also announced that they will no longer sell guns to anyone under the age of 21 and they will no longer sell high capacity magazines.

It seems that Dick's feels partially responsible for the latest mass shooting in Florida since they sold a shotgun to the shooter (not the gun used in the attack). This is noble of them - whether you agree with their change or not. This company sees a need for change and feels that they can be a part of it. As consumers you have the right to respect that and either shop there or not, but you can't fault them for wanting to do something.

What do you think about the changes at Dick's?

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