I feel like a lot of people aren't aware of the ice skating rink in Downtown Twin Falls, and maybe those who do know about it don't utilize it. Either way, if you want to have some ice skating fun in Twin Falls your time is limited. The final day for the ice rink this season will be this Saturday, January 2nd, 2021.

The ice rink will be open today (Thursday December 31st) from noon until 4pm. They won't be open on New Year's Day and the final day of skating fun will be Saturday. The rink will be open from noon to 7pm at the Downtown Commons by the fountain in Twin Falls. Skates are available at the ice rink for rent, otherwise it is free to skate.

The ice rink this year is different than years past as it is in a round shape rather than the rectangle of previous years. The Twin Falls ice rink is actually a synthetic ice which makes it possible to be open even when temperatures aren't sub-freezing. I've heard it also hurts less if you fall on it vs a real ice rink. That's a definite positive for me.

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Information on the ice rink is scarce online but you can get some information on the Twin Falls Visitor Center Facebook page and in one of our previous stories as they were assembling the rink.

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