The anniversary of one of the strangest Twin Falls' incidents to grab local media attention just passed. In the summer of 2013, a local apartment prank made for humorous banter around the work water cooler.

Who doesn't LOVE a good prank? Around the office, we pull them on each other quite regularly. Whether it's a studio glitter bomb, or TNT poppers in the door frame, work weeks tend to get a bit lively around here.

A local news source had some fun bantering about a prank someone pulled on the resident of a Twin Falls' apartment complex eight years ago. Apparently, two couches, a recliner, a coffee table and a toilet were placed on the roof of an unsuspecting prank victim. The toilet was actually put on top of the building's chimney.

As far as pranks go, this one is of the utmost quality and execution. The time it must have taken for the individuals to pull this off is worthy of high praise. To the onlookers from below, it must have caused some head scratching.

If the people who pulled this prank off happen to come across my story here, let me just commend you on a great job. Getting that furniture back into the owner's dwelling must have been no easy task. It makes me think I need to step up my game in the pranking department.

I hope you enjoyed this look back on a day that many Twin Falls' residents must have found odd. Again, props to the pranksters for making local news.

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