The Twin Falls Public Library is a treasure trove of not only books but historical items from Twin Falls' past. One of the most recently donated stashes of history included black and white pictures of what is supposed to be the Twin Falls Shakespeare Festival. They weren't given a year the event took place or the names of any of the cast in the pictures.

The Twin Falls Library is looking for help in identifying people in the photos, information about the Twin Falls Shakespeare group, ideas on when it happened, or really anything that would help them categorize the pictures properly. One problem they are running into is that there doesn't seem to be any information about a Shakespeare Festival ever happening in Twin Falls. The only Shakespeare event info for Idaho in online searches takes you to info on the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in Boise.

The fourth picture in the Facebook post gallery is probably the best one for getting a look at the cast members in hopes of identifying anyone. There are about 20 people in the photo so, if this Shakespeare Festival actually happened in Twin Falls, there should be a good chance of someone knowing something about it. Or, these aren't from an event in Twin Falls and were just labelled wrong by the donor.

The Twin Falls Public Library doesn't have a Shakespeare Festival planned any time soon but they do have free events almost every day for kids, adults, and families.

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