A man was killed outside his home Thursday morning in Twin Falls after confronting a trespasser who had entered the homeowners' vehicle.

Twin Falls Police Investigating Thursday Morning Homicide

The Twin Falls Police Department responded to the homicide shooting on Thursday morning around 1:15 AM on Capri Drive. The police report on the City of Twin Falls website states:

It was reported that a home owner heard a disturbance outside his house and confronted an individual inside of his vehicle. Our officers arrived and discovered that the home owner had been shot while confronting the suspect inside his vehicle. It was reported that the suspect then fled the scene, got into a white truck and left the area at a high rate of speed. Although first aid was rendered by first responders, the 32-year old victim died as a result of the shooting and this case is currently being treated as a homicide investigation. The victim has been identified as Fred Rodriquez of Twin Falls. Rodriquez was married and a father to three children.

There is no additional information about the incident, suspect, or vehicle used in the getaway.

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If you have any information about the incident, please contact Detective Jason Kelly at 208-735-7307.

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Twin Falls Police were also busy with another shooting on Wednesday night in the parking lot of Target. 1 man went to the hospital after a fight and gunshot happened in a large group of people who had gathered in the parking lot.

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