A Twin Falls man has decided to push his body to the limit to raise money for the Canyon Ridge High School baseball team. Derek Eccles has decided to raise money and ask people to pledge to his journey however they can. All money raised will go to the Canyon Ridge High School Baseball Team

What Exactly Is This Event Going To Be?

Derek will hike the Canyon grade as many times as he can on February 5th. He has 9 hours, from 8 am to 5 pm, to complete as many laps as he can physically do. He is hoping he will find some supporters that will donate to the cause, whether that is a flat donation or through pledging money based on how far he goes. He also stated that he will accept Gatorade or water drop off at the top of the grade, you know, if you feel like it.

How Is This Raising Money For The Baseball Team

Derek is hoping to raise $6,000 dollars. This is how he is breaking down donations and pledges

  • Flat donation
  • Per foot of elevation gained. (Say he makes the 20 laps, if you pledge a cent per foot he reaches, you pledge one hundred dollars.
  • Pledge per mile (Down and up is 2 miles so you could pledge a dollar per mile and that would be $40)
  • Or again, leave him some water or something at the top.

Why Is He Raising Money For The Baseball Team

Derek stated that the cost of sports is pretty expensive. The parents not only have to pay to let their children play but they have the cost of clothing, equipment, trips, food, etc. It can get to be a lot. This money will help with all of those things for the baseball team.

You can read more or donate directly to his Gofundme page

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