Our Twin Falls McDonald's will be joining its namesake restaurants across the country by offering its first new McNugget flavor in 37 years.

For those who enjoy foods with a little spice in them, get ready for a new menu item to hit U.S. McDonald's next month. According to details shared by the news site for the company, McDonald's will be adding Spicy Chicken Nuggets nationwide on September 16, 2020.

The new spicy blend, consisting of tempura and cayenne seasoning, will be accompanied by what is being called, "Mighty Hot Sauce," according to the release. The sauce is being dubbed as McDonald's hottest ever created.

McNuggets aren't usually my go-to menu item when passing through the drive-thru, but I have to say, being a self-professed spice connoisseur I'll have to give this creation a taste. I just hope my four-year-old son doesn't accidentally get a hold of one thinking it was part of his Happy Meal. That would have disastrous consequences.

The addition will be the first of its kind since nuggets became a menu item in 1983. McDonald's is also promoting its new McFlurry as a complimentary side to help customers cool their mouths afterwards. This is some big time, spicy talk coming from Micky-D's; I just hope they bring the heat come September 16.

The announcement of the impending fall menu addition was shared on August 25. The new nuggets will be available not just at the drive-thru, but with the McDelivery service as well. Uber Eats and Door Dash will deliver the spice right to your front door if you wish.

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