Yes, I'm an adult who loves dressing up for Halloween and I'm proud of myself this year. There are still more than two weeks until Halloween and I already figured out my costume. My kids all chose skin tight morphsuits this year. If you haven't seen a morphsuit they are usually a single colored, total body covering, spandex costume. Kind of like yoga pants for your whole body. I bounced back and forth between a few ideas and they were all costumes from movies. I could have used my Stormtrooper suit from last year but I decided I deserved a new costume this year. I looked at a few Spiderman suits but have accepted that my dad bod (Mt. Dew gut) wasn't conducive to a tight nylon suit. Another costume that I really liked was Ant Man since it looked good, Ant Man is awesome, and the suit wasn't form fitting. Ultimately though, I chose another superhero costume from the Marvel universe. This year I'll be dressing as Captain America.

I was surprised my kids didn't want to go as superheroes or other movie characters. That seems to be the way costumes are going this year according to the Google data based on Halloween costume searches. In Twin Falls, the most searched for costume is Bear followed by IT (scary clown), Cowgirl, Paw Patrol, and Medusa. These results show a big shift from last year where the top searches were Witch, Spiderman, and Fortnite characters.

If you are stumped on a Halloween costume idea you can use the Google Frightgeist generator by clicking Costume Wizard at the top of the screen, or check out some Idaho inspired costumes in this story.

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